Our data security policy.


We take security very seriously. It is our ongoing fulltime mission to keep our service as secure as possible. As part of that we maintain this public and transparent data security policy which we invite you to review carefully.

Our data security policy considers the risk to data from the following key perspectives:

Third party data security policies

If you are aware of specific vulnerabilities that exist as a result of our integration with any of our third party service providers, please notify us and/or the third party service provider directly.

Memberful LLC.

We use Memberful, a third party service provider, to manage membership subscriptions. We have reviewed and evaluated their published data security policy and found it to be fully compatible with our standards.

Stripe, Inc.

We use Stripe, a third party payments platform, to provide payment processing for our membership subscriptions. This is implemented using Stripe’s latest technology to fully comply with regulatory requirements within the European Economic Area for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), using 3D Secure 2.0 authorization. We have reviewed and evaluated Stripe’s published data privacy framework and found it to be fully compatible with our standards.

Supported Versions

Visit the /version.json URL of the website to see what version you are viewing, or (if you have access to the project source code) examine the /package.json file.

The following versions of this project are currently being supported with security updates.

3.xFully supported
< 3.0Not supported

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you wish to report a security vulnerability please email support@a11yquest.com.

Include a detailed description of the security vulnerability and links to any supporting information.


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